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For years, nonprofit organizations, elected officials, and philanthropists have been attempting to end homelessness. However, both poverty and the homeless population continue to grow.

One fact continues to hold true: nothing significant is taking place.


That's why we're here.

Pillars Organization was built to create and define compelling arguments and ideas for change in the homeless communities of Los Angeles County. We provide crucial resources to those in need through Homeless Direct.

As the numbers and images of Los Angeles show, the state of it is devastating. Many argue that nothing can be done to solve this crisis but we believe there are endless opportunities to reshape the future and redevelop Los Angeles into a city that takes homelessness and poverty more seriously than anything.

Homelessness must no longer define Los Angeles.


It's beyond just housing.

In Los Angeles, we need a network of systems interconnected to assist with the varying degrees and causes of homelessness. It starts with housing but includes health services, events, job fairs and training, and additional critical services that either are not presently available or are scarce.

Homelessness can be solved.

While no two situations are identical, most fall within categories - or pillars. High costs of living, mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and socioeconomic factors are the pillars that have contributed to creation of homeless citizens in Los Angeles County. 


"To shape the way homelessness in Los Angeles

is understood and managed."


"To create more sustainable living for the homeless and

to eliminate homelessness in Los Angeles."

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